Men were created to be emotionally available.

For decades, young boys and older men have been taught to deny, stuff, or ignore how they feel, which I believe leads to shame, guilt, and lots of bad stuff.

Generations of families continue to feel the pain of emotionally unavailable men.

Let me be extremely clear: this isn't a bash men site. On the contrary: this is a website created to help men get unstuck to be better husbands and fathers.

Deep down, every man wants to be a good father. But for many of us, we didn't have a good role model. We never transitioned from boy to man. We weren't taught the intangibles or soft skills of life.

This site exists to help every man understand who he is: a son that the Father is well pleased with.

I hope that the words you read here will help the man or men in your life break chains, kill giants, reverse the curse, and change the trajectory of your family bloodline.

For good.

I believe fatherlessness will end when more men become emotionally available.

When we stop fixing and start seeing.

With all my love,