Most men struggle with community, especially as we get older. And usually, when men hang out with other men, they never discuss their feelings. It's always small talk about 401Ks, sports, or their jobs.

If you or a man in your life need to get better at community, then consider joining the Emotionally Available Man community.

What You Get

  • A private podcast - We'll have topical episodes and guests that we interview, but a core component of our community will be this podcast where you and other men share. Brene Brown said that vulnerability is the birthplace of love. We will encourage you to get on the podcast and share about who you are, what you're going through, and the type of help you need. The goal is to have all men listen and give feedback in the private community or future follow-up episodes. Also, I know we are all busy. Faith, family, and finances come first. By leading with a short, audio podcast, you'll save time and still feel connected. Listen to the podcast during a morning coffee, workout, or drive. You'll find it a relaxing experience. It also gives you time to ponder before responding and allows the person speaking to feel seen and heard.

  • Private community - This will be the day-to-day app we use to follow up on podcast episodes, meet new friends, ask for help, and generally check in with each other. We use Circle as the community app of choice, easy to access on a laptop or smartphone.

  • Private Retreats - As we build and grow the community, we will be sure to try to arrange an annual trip for us to get together in person. Of course, if you live near your friend or can get together with a brother, we encourage you to do so.

  • Lifelong friendships - Making friends as an adult is complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Friendships start when you invite someone to an activity you are both interested in. After that, friendships happen or they don't - organically. And that's ok. Consider this your first invite to something we are all interested in. 😁 We're confident that you'll find the right friends in this group.

  • Tips, tricks, hacks, & tools - We want you to get unstuck, slay your giants, break toxic cycles, and change the trajectory of your bloodline for good. Whether the topic is spiritual, financial, physical, emotional, or mental, we'll more than likely cover it.

  • Prayer - We're not going to stuff religion down your throat. With that said, most of us believe in God, Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit. If that completely turns you off, then this may not be the best group for you. With that said, we welcome people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Our desire is for men to connect so they can be seen and heard. And for many men, this includes discussions of faith.

  • Encouragement - Are you feeling stuck? Need advice on a particular topic? Post away, and if you want to discuss it on a podcast episode, you can.


  • $99 per year - For $.27 cents per day, you get the daily man community you need to become a better husband, father, business owner, and friend. No refunds, cancel any time.


  • Gain clarity
  • Get unstuck
  • Defeat your giants
  • Break the toxic cycles
  • Change your family bloodline
  • Reverse the curse in your family
  • Find joy, peace, and purpose
  • Start the business
  • Become a better husband, father, and business owner
  • Get in shape
  • Feel better
  • Have fun

How To Sign Up

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