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Jesus was an emotionally available man

How to become emotionally available as a man, husband, and father.
Jesus was an emotionally available man

Men & emotions.

It’s not discussed enough.

Most men weren’t taught how to deal with emotions.

Because their father didn’t teach them.

And their father’s father didn’t teach them.

And so on the cycle continues. It hurts fathers and it hurts families.

I think it’s one of the largest, most silent epidemics we’ve ever had.

Lots of men stuff emotions, disregard them or get angry (i.e afraid) when they (or loved ones) have strong emotions.

It’s not their fault they are emotionally unavailable.

It’s an issue of worth. They don’t think they are valuable as people and to their families.

But, oh let me tell you -

When fathers know their worth, when they SEE how valuable they are, when they face the fear + do their soul work, then they will see how even a SMIDGEN of emotional availability will CHANGE a family dynamic and make it better.

Which is what fathers want. To protect. To provide. To take care.

But men have been told this is purely “financial.”

It’s not.

It’s coming to grips with being human. It’s loosening the grip of control and seeing yourself as a steward in your child’s life.

When you are emotionally available, you are saying “I trust my child, I trust my wife, I trust myself.”

Being emotionally available gives you and your loved ones the freedom they need to thrive.

But you gotta do the soul work to be emotionally available.

What does that look like practically?

Don’t fix. Allow another human being to occupy space. TRUST. Then say:

“I see you. I hear you. I validate you. I love you.”