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Marriage is supposed to be hard

Why most of us look at marriage the wrong way
Marriage is supposed to be hard

Marriage is supposed to be hard.

The whole point of marriage is to become a NEW creation. People get divorced to “find themselves” but you’re not supposed to find yourself.

You’re supposed to get to know your new self.

Part of your new self is in your spouse and vice versa. You’re not supposed to stay the same. The husband (Christ) spiritually dies first, then the wife (the bride) responds and gives.

Then you resurrect to a new life together.

Marriage is an actual physical representation of life, death, burial, and resurrection. It mirrors the four seasons. It’s an in-your-face constant reminder of a God pursuing His bride (us) by any means necessary. To fuse. To unite. To be intimate. To become one.

Marriage is one of the deepest if not THE deepest institutions ever created. The genius of it is over our heads and incredibly simple all at the same time.

Do you want an authentic life? Do you want to grow? Do you want the real deal? Do you want to be woke as hell?

Get married.